Do you or someone you know want to learn magic?

Baltimore magician, Brian M. Kehoe, provides private lesson packages that are tailored specifically to the student’s interests to produce a unique experience.  The lessons will be conducted at the student’s home much like a music teacher or private tutor.

The lessons are one hour long and the fee includes all props and lesson instructions which are kept by the student.

During this course, students will not only learn the basics of a variety of magical effects, but also other skills such as:

Problem Solving

 Planning, organizing, sequencing, & strategy skills


Concentration, divided attention, & memory


Interpersonal skills, self-esteem, & presentation skills


Socialization & non-verbal communication


Some magic covered in the lessons include:

Card Magic

Learn how to perform magic with a regular deck of cards.

Cup & Ball Magic

One of the oldest magic effects in the book!

Money Magic

Magic with a dollar bill and some coins.

Mental Magic

Create magic using your mind and a few extra items.

Everyday Magic

Magic with objects you can find in the house or office.

Linking Ring Magic

Ancient magic performed with solid metal rings.

Rope Magic

Amazing things happen with just a few pieces of rope.

Sleight of Hand Magic

The basics of making things appear, disappear, and multiply.

About Brian


With over 20 years of experience, Brian M. Kehoe is a professional magician, teacher, consultant, sound designer, and actor. He is also the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of ``the encounter``, a theater company specializing in creating unique and custom experiences working with stage magic as a genre. Brian has performed his signature style of magic all over the United States at numerous private, corporate, and public events. He attended Nazareth College majoring in theater arts and works as a teacher at Baltimore School for the Arts.

Our Guarantee

You have our guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with our service you will receive a 150% refund. That’s right! We will give you back more than what you paid if we do not provide you with the service that we agreed upon.